Why Join?

2628329991_34d6674511ChoirThe members of Barisons Chamber Choir share a common passion: their intense love of singing.

Members include professional musicians, to musical enthusiasts.

Barisons Chamber Choir is recognized for its beautiful classical tone and its creative programming.

The choir is committed to the improvement of its members and provides them with the teaching and performance opportunities to improve their musical singing skills.

Barisons Choir is fun and provides an opportunity for the social and musical interaction of its members.

The choir performs in different venues specifically to enhance the experience of our members.

Barisons often seeks collaboration with other community and professional musical organisations in the region, nationally and world-wide.

The choir encourages all other musical groups with which it comes in contact with.

Barisons Chamber Choir participates in one musical tour every year and enjoys the social side of touring as well as the culture of each country and the experience of singing in different venues.